6 Tips for Opening a Food Truck

The food truck serves delicious, and convenient food just about anywhere. From small towns to the big cities, delightful and tasty food is being served out of the window on the side of a truck. The food truck industry is booming, as they gain popularity and become more mainstream. Here are 6 tips for opening a food truck.


Choose The Food Truck Wisely

Not only is it your vehicle, it is your restaurant, so choose wisely. Yes, they can be found at a steal of a price at times, but count the costs of that deal before you jump in. Think through the set-up you will need: how much space will be needed to serve, as well as store supplies. Does it have the appropriate sinks and wash stations? Do you have enough room for you and your employees to work? Will you need cooking appliances or will you cook at a commissary? Also, consider the size of your food truck. Do you plan on keeping it for the long term, or will it be upgraded in the near future? Size matters as well. Are the areas you plan on visiting suitable for a larger truck, or would a compact version be more suitable? Only you will know the answers to these questions. The cost will vary depending on your options.


Inspections are No Joke


Each state has different requirements for the health inspection, however, every state does require one before operating your food truck. The health departments are very helpful, we suggest a preliminary phone call or visit. The health inspectors are very willing to help you get started with what is required. It’s not as overwhelming as it seems, the inspectors want you to succeed!


Be Innovative


Have a plan! Food trucks are popular because of the innovative method of attaining awesome food. Get creative with your food offerings and you will have a social following like you can’t even believe! You don’t have to be exotic, either. Some of the best food trucks serve cutting-edge peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and make a great living at it. Be innovative and think outside the box! Check out coconut milk in coffee benefits!


Be Social


These days people are on their phones constantly. To reach these potential food truck lovers you will need to reach them on their terms: on their devices. Be active on social media! Shout it from the rooftops (or Twitter and Instagram) about your amazing and delicious food truck offerings.


Social Media can be a great tool to advertise what you are offering and where they can find you today. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with these tools, the learning curve is pretty slant and before you know it, you’ll be a pro at promoting your fares.


Location Location Location!


When researching your new business, the location you choose to park your truck is very important. It will make or break your meal service for the day. Do your homework with regards to your ideal customer, and the flow of people. When just starting out, it’s helpful to work events that already have a steady flow of customers. Once your name and food are established, you can find your perfect parking spot!


Be an Expert in Customer Service


Ultimately, you are nothing without customers, and repeat customers are the best. You will need to be customer savvy. A happy customer will return. An unhappy customer probably won’t. Just remember, they might not be right, but you want them to be happy.


The food truck business is a fun and exciting venture. Take time to research and develop an amazing food plan before jumping in. When you do take the leap, enjoy serving awesome food in a fantastic way!